Drainage Systems

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  • Wykamol Kontract 8 - 40sqm roll
    Wykamol Kontract 8 is a high density polyethylene membrane incorporating 8 mm studs which allow the creation of a continuous drainage pathway for water in basement floors and walls and/or the isolation of damp walls above ground level. ..
    €383.11 Ex VAT: €311.47
  • Wykamol CM20 - 40sqm roll
    Wykamol CM20 is the highest drainage capacity membrane in the CM range giving a void volume of 14 litres/m2. Suitable for use on floors and walls in very wet situations or where the large stud height is desired to maximize insulation values. When used on floors CM20 can normally be installed with..
    €614.32 Ex VAT: €499.45
  • Wykamol CM3 Floor - 41.4sqm roll
    Wykamol CM Floor is a low profile membrane (2 mm studs) specially designed for fast-track sealing of damp concrete at ground floor level – no need for extensive surface preparation normally required with liquid DPM systems (epoxies etc.) and no curing times before floor finishes can be applied. I..
    €407.75 Ex VAT: €331.50
  • Wykamol CM Plaster Mesh
    Wykamol CM Plaster is a specialist wall membrane for basements and other damp surfaces giving a low-medium drainage capacity (1.84 litres/m2). The 5 mm studs are uniquely designed so that, when the membrane is fixed using CM Plaster Plugs, the walls can be plastered using conventional methods or ..
    €510.84 Ex VAT: €415.32
  • Wykamol Surefix Sealing Plugs (200 per box)
    Wykamol Surefix Sealing Plugs are 10mm fixings to be used with the range of Wykamol Drainage Membranes. The plugs come with a rubber seal already attached allowing for fixing through the membrane without compromising the seal. ..
    €163.59 Ex VAT: €133.00
  • CM Plaster Plugs - (250 per box)
    CM Plaster Plugs can be used with the Wykamol CM Plaster Membrane. They have a serrated head which can take plaster or dot and dab. They can also be used to secure membranes to walls in systems where a free standing frame is to used.   ..
    €57.67 Ex VAT: €46.89
  • Wykamol Corner Strip - 20m x 150mm
    Wykamol Corner Strip is a 150mm wide tape which has multi uses, but is mostly used to seal membrane from walls to floors and to the Wykamol Aquachannel system. Tacky on one side only, this can also be used to overtape external joints, and can also be used on floor oversealing. ..
    €106.44 Ex VAT: €86.54
  • Wykamol Aqua Channel - (2 meter lengths)
    Wykamol Aqua Channel is a P.V.C drainage conduit designed for the control of water ingress in below ground structures. Wykamol Aqua Channel is fitted around the perimeter of the floor at the vulnerable wall/floor junctions. The Wykamol Drainage Membrane can be sealed to the Aqua Channel using Wyk..
    €50.89 Ex VAT: €41.37
  • Wykamol Black Sump Kit
    The Wykamol Black Sump Kit is a ready to use complete water control system principally designed for use in below ground structures to control water ingress. The Sump Kit system can be used for all basement conversions and can be used in conjunction with the Wykamol Aqua Channel. ..
    €1,163.90 Ex VAT: €946.26